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When The Walls Leaked

Our traditional farm home has two levels of Chajjas all along the length of the walls, which protect the walls from the monsoon rains. Made with stone, brick, cement mortar and mud faska, the mud plaster on the wall above the Chajjas could not withstand the slow and steady rain that came down unceasingly for 72 hours. The walls leaked. Like lizards on walls, rats in the kitchen, mosquitos in the rooms, and ants on the floors this was a message from Nature …. Continue reading

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Politicians and Bureaucrats of Haryana

A version of this book review was first posted on-line on 21 October 2017 at https://theprint.in/2017/10/21/life-ias-review-peek-haryanas-corridors-power/    This is not the book of stories of rare men and women of high character, politician or bureaucrat, who arise from the masses … Continue reading

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A Movie on Aman Bagh. 2017

Aman Bagh (www.amanbagh.org) is an organic, natural farm on 6 acres in Mangar village, in south Haryana, India. This 20-minute movie was created from a powerpoint presentation made at a private forum in July 2017, and is therefore without a … Continue reading

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Shri Bhupinder Hooda and Mr. Larry Bossidy

Judging by the full-page advertisements released by the Congress government on 1 January 2014, Haryana’s population is in a state of bliss with free medical care and medicines, cattle loans, loan interest waivers, crop insurance and what have you. The … Continue reading

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