Aman Bagh is 45 minutes from Gurgaon on the Gurgaon–Faridabad Toll Road (26 kms), and 60 minutes from South Delhi, via Chattarpur. Should you wish to visit to learn more about natural farming please email for an appointment.

Manger Village 
Aman Bagh  
Village Mangar, 
Before Dhauj Bund 
P.O. Dhauj, 
District Faridabad. Haryana 121004. 

7 Responses to Contact

  1. Sarita Rajput says:

    I would like to visit your farm today. Please advise the best timing…..thanks


  2. Harsh Lohit says:

    If you want to visit, please call me on my mobile to fix a mutually convenient time.


  3. Himanshu says:

    I would love to visit and see your experiment first-hand. Everything you write inspires me to that goal.

    I wonder if you have a short term stay option, for say a week, fortnight which introduces the visitor to an overall experience and guides towards developing a similar lifestyle.

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    • harshlohit says:

      Himanshu, we don’t do home stays as this is a private farm. Maybe sometime in the future, but even then it will only be for a limited audience: people who will stay here and work on the land with their hand, or for farmers who want to learn sustainable methods. Call me to talk, and I will see how I can help. You can certainly make a day visit to see what we do.


      Harsh Singh Lohit.


  4. Himanshu says:

    Thanks Harsh, I understand. Working on the land is I believe the only way to learn. If you do plan to have any workshops/stays to share your knowledge and experiences in the future, I would be very much interested.

    Thanks and best,



  5. dheeraj puri says:

    I want to visit your farm for lunch and know more about organic farming


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