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The Weight of Income and Wealth Inequality in India: 1922-2014

  With Sincere Apologies to the Crocodile The line graph below is unusually poignant, the reptile opening wide its jaws as if waiting for unsuspecting prey to feed its insatiable appetite. By 2014, the richest 10% of Indians owned 55% … Continue reading

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LPG: Gas of a Different Kind

How has LPG worked for the impoverished masses of India? No, this is not about gas cylinders, this is ‘Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation’ as my young professor friend Pravin refers to it. Doesn’t matter which species of government, Congress or … Continue reading

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Want Not, Waste Not

Growth has been speeded up, but nothing has been done to accelerate decay. Lets do something about it. Continue reading

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Vanya – a Food Forest in Madhya Pradesh, India

” The twin problems of soil degradation and erosion have plagued humanity since the dawn of agriculture…. When I considered the history of agriculture through a geological lens, I saw a boomerang effect – how we treat land determines how … Continue reading

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A Sustainable Village Life

Sustainable farming is variously called organic, natural, biodynamic or permaculture; all of which are overlapping methods and systems to feed ourselves mindfully. Each system brings something for a farmer and consumer to understand, absorb and practice. A sustainable agricultural life … Continue reading

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Monsoon Guava

A version of this article was originally posted on the I Say Organic blog Don’t eat guava during the rains from the commercial market, they are all shot full of chemicals. If you do proceed, cut the guava carefully and … Continue reading

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Why Small Is Beautiful

Click to access epw-farm-size-2011.pdf Click to access Farm%20Size.pdf Small farms the word over are more productive per unit of land, especially in Asian nations (China, India, Japan) where land is a limited resource per head and average farm size varies … Continue reading

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Eid Mubarak, My Brothers !

” Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, is the period when man is subjected to a supreme test. Without compulsion, without coercion, Muslims throughout the world obey Allah; and every day from dawn to sunset abstain not only … Continue reading

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When Chameli Died, and Was Born Again

It was devastating news, in the early morning of 2 May. A shaky voiced Sattar was on the line,  Chameli had just died. She was a beautiful Sahiwal, partly cross bred as purity in Indian breeds is now only in the history … Continue reading

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Vasanta Ritu, Spring in my Step

The Indian Spring – Basant Ritu – is upon us from the 23rd of March, and the flowers are in full bloom. Another winter – Shishir Ritu –  has been wistfully bid adieu as we gird up for the onslaught of heat – … Continue reading

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