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Farming at Aman Bagh is about everything that matters: it keeps me connected to the real, village India, and provides a haven of tranquility and permanence.

Making Sense of A Fragmented World

I read Mihir Shah, agriculturist, in The Best of Times The Worst of Times in the Hindu newspaper (13 June 2017) on the agrarian unrest in parts of India earlier this year; and listened to P. Sainath, the face of … Continue reading

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A Movie on Aman Bagh. 2017

Aman Bagh ( is an organic, natural farm on 6 acres in Mangar village, in south Haryana, India. This 20-minute movie was created from a powerpoint presentation made at a private forum in July 2017, and is therefore without a … Continue reading

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The Weight of Income and Wealth Inequality in India: 1922-2014

  With Sincere Apologies to the Crocodile The line graph below is unusually poignant, the reptile opening wide its jaws as if waiting for unsuspecting prey to feed its insatiable appetite. By 2014, the richest 10% of Indians owned 55% … Continue reading

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LPG: Gas of a Different Kind

How has LPG worked for the impoverished masses of India? No, this is not about gas cylinders, this is ‘Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation’ as my young professor friend Pravin refers to it. Doesn’t matter which species of government, Congress or … Continue reading

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Why do Farmers Protest?

Why do Farmers Protest?

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Want Not, Waste Not

Growth has been speeded up, but nothing has been done to accelerate decay. Lets do something about it. Continue reading

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Vanya – a Food Forest in Madhya Pradesh, India

” The twin problems of soil degradation and erosion have plagued humanity since the dawn of agriculture…. When I considered the history of agriculture through a geological lens, I saw a boomerang effect – how we treat land determines how … Continue reading

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