Mangarbani: The fight to keep Delhi’s last sacred forest alive

Mangarbani, Delhi’s last sacred forest is located in the Aravalli range that runs through Haryana, ending in Delhi. Mining and Urban Development pose a threat to the forest which many say is the green lung of the National Capital Region. Fateh Singh, resident of Mangar village, tells the story of Gudariya Baba, the force that the villagers believe guards the forest. Environment Analyst, Chetan Agarwal, explains the importance of the forest rich in species of trees which have vanished from elsewhere. Amina Shervani, Environment Activist, sheds light on the vulnerability of the Aravalli region because of its location in the NCR making it prime land. Finally, Sunil Harsana, explains the tug of war between the central government and the state government in saving the forest and the locals role in keeping the fight for Mangarbani alive.

via Mangarbani: The fight to keep Delhi’s last sacred forest alive.

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