Pesticides & Fertilizer schedule

Here is my annual plan for fertilizer (Panchgavya, Jeevamrit, Gobar Gas Slurry) and pesticide (Keet Virodhak) applicationFert & Pest Schedule Sept 2013.

This schedule has been written in Hindi on a large sized A5 paper, color coded and laminated (so it can last the seasons outside) and made with Nooru (who administers this single handedly). It’s all about execution : this has been impressed on Nooru that this is his single most important duty, and he must follow these schedules without a break and without a deviation. 

This took us 9 months of reading and research; and visiting and meeting with organic farmers like Subodh Abhi. ( Subodh is a gentle and quietly inspiring farmer, practicing Agnihotra farming in the foothills of the Himalaya’s. Subodh was the first to guide me to the Ginger-Garlic-Chilli-Cow Urine combination that works so well as a prophylactic pesticide spray for all our crops today (details on how to make this elsewhere on the Fertilizer & Pesticide page). When needed, we add suitable amounts of Neem oil – the quantity varies from 100 ml per 16 liters to 300 ml, depending on the plant and the pest we want repelled. Experimentation is key, and each farm & crop will find its own balance through experimentation.

My grandparents certainly did not know of these kind of preparations, and this is where sharing practices across India helps grow the organic movement and make it a match for chemical farming in the head to head comparison of ‘production’. As if that is all matters, but more of that in a separate post.

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